Benefits of radiofrequency to redefine your body and face

Radiofrequency is one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments of the moment. – Europa Press

Radiofrequency is one of the most highly rated aesthetic treatments today, an ideal technique to reduce flaccidity and eliminate cellulite, if we apply it to the body, or to generate a lifting effect and redefine the facial oval, if we talk about the face. In addition, it is painless and non-invasive, so it has become one of the most interesting options for a comprehensive fine-tuning.

But what exactly does this treatment, which is becoming more and more popular, consist of? In a nutshell, it involves applying electromagnetic waves to the skin, which improves the health of the dermis and achieves a much smoother, tighter and toned skin. And, in addition, it is applied both facially and on the body.

A facelift yes, but without surgery

If you are interested in a facelift but do not want to undergo surgery, with radiofrequency it is possible to achieve the same effects but without surgery in localized areas of the face, such as eyebrows, cheeks or neck, among others.

Its electromagnetic waves generate movement in the water molecules of the dermis tissue, which by friction produces heat in depth, achieving a smoother and hydrated skin. In addition, it also stimulates collagen formation, redefines the oval, reduces jowls and activates microcirculation, instantly achieving an almost miraculous ‘good face’ effect!

«It is a treatment indicated for all types of people and is usually applied on clean and exfoliated skin, with the help of serums and conductive products that guarantee a better result,» explains Andrea Serrano, director of the Mangata beauty and aesthetic medicine center in Madrid, Spain.

The sessions can be done monthly – as maintenance – or as a rejuvenating cure every six months, and are not recommended in cases of pregnancy, menstruation, recent hemorrhages or alterations in thermal sensitivity.

Body radiofrequency to redefine the silhouette

Basically, with a body radiofrequency treatment you will improve your figure and reduce the most common skin problems such as flaccidity and cellulite, through high frequency electromagnetic waves that on the body, allow to improve the layers of our skin. The waves will dissolve fat deposits, improve circulation, increase collagen production, drain lymph, eliminate cellulite and sculpt the body.